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Teeth Whitening Idaho Falls

Brighten Your Teeth, Transform Your Smile

Dental team member and patient smiling after teeth whitening in Idaho Falls

There are many options for getting your teeth whiter. There are a few different techniques, but most effective techniques use the same whitening agents to help make your teeth whiter. The difference in cost will typically be the strength of the whitening agent and the application process.

The best teeth whitening options will use custom bleach trays, which allow for the bleach to come into contact with the surfaces of your teeth evenly and help minimize the amount of bleach that comes in contact with your gums. At Cline Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer custom bleach trays to ensure that your results will be as amazing as you hope they will be! Learn more about teeth whitening in Idaho Falls at a cosmetic dentistry consultation with our team.

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Things to Look for in a Teeth Whitening Service

Sensitivity Mitigation

Teeth whitening may cause some sensitivity. This is only temporary, and there are some options to minimize it. There are, however, very few options to take the sensitivity completely out of teeth whitening. We find that with the right whitening strategy, many people are able to achieve the white teeth they want to without having to endure too much discomfort.

Using Best Options

Aside from whether the dental office provides custom bleach trays or not, there is one additional thing to look for: the concentration of the bleach. The higher the concentration, the less time it will require out of your day. Higher concentration with custom bleach trays is the ideal situation in our experience.

Other Benefits of Whiter Teeth

Man in dental chair smiling after teeth whitening

While teeth whitening may cause some sensitivities, there are some major benefits to having whiter teeth. Here are some of the benefits that our patients have noted:

More Aesthetically Pleasing Smile

Our patients have reported feeling more attractive when their teeth are whiter, as opposed to when their teeth are stained.

Increased Confidence

Our patients have reported feeling more confidence overall after whitening and an increase in quality of life.

Greater Willingness to Smile

There is a strong correlation between happiness and willingness to smile. Many of our patients have reported that they are more willing to let their teeth show when they are confident in their smile. This, of course, correlates with them reporting an increase in happiness.

Dental Teeth Whitening and Tooth Stain Removal

Woman smiling after teeth whitening

Teeth whitening in Idaho Falls can be very affordable. There are several options that we utilize to help make teeth whitening effective, yet relatively painless. Call Cline Family & Cosmetic Dentistry today to see why we are trusted by Idaho Falls residents for their teeth whitening needs, or to see how our dentist can help you get the beautiful smile that you want!

Teeth Whitening FAQs

woman in the dental chair giving a thumbs up after professional teeth whitening in Idaho Falls

Do you still have questions about what it’s like to get your teeth professionally whitened by a cosmetic dentist in Idaho Falls? Don’t worry – we have answers! To help you learn more about whether teeth whitening is a good decision for you, we’ve compiled the answers to some of the teeth whitening questions that Dr. Cline and the rest of our team get asked the most often. Of course, you can always request a consultation with us to learn even more!

Does teeth whitening damage enamel?

You may have heard that certain teeth whitening treatments can wear down tooth enamel, which increases the risk of sensitivity and decay. In general, though, this only applies to store-bought whiteners that have not been approved by the American Dental Association. When you visit Dr. Cline for professional teeth whitening, you can trust that the products he uses are 100% safe and designed to not damage your smile in any way.

It’s also worth mentioning that the chemicals in whitening products could potentially damage teeth if they have been compromised by decay, gum disease, or some other oral health problem. That’s why it’s crucial for Dr. Cline to conduct a thorough exam before beginning treatment. He can address these issues beforehand, minimizing the risk of harm to your smile. 

Is teeth whitening permanent? 

Even professional-grade teeth whitening in Idaho Falls will not last forever. Depending on how well you take care of your teeth, though, you can enjoy your brighter smile for several months to a year or longer! To keep your pearly whites pearly and white, you’ll want to practice daily oral hygiene, visit us twice a year for routine cleanings, and avoid harmful oral habits such as smoking. You can also ask us about regular touch-up treatments to eliminate any new stains that may have developed.

Does teeth whitening work on dental crowns?

Unfortunately, teeth whitening won’t work on dental crowns or other restorations like veneers and bridges. Ceramic, porcelain, and other materials that make up these restorations are not as porous as tooth enamel. While this makes them more resistant to staining, it also means that they don’t respond to teeth whitening. In fact, the bleaching gel may slightly weaken the bond between the restoration and your tooth, increasing the risk of complications.

If you have dental crowns and still wish to whiten your teeth, let Dr. Cline know. He might recommend replacing your crown after teeth whitening with one that will more closely match the new shade of your smile.

Is teeth whitening covered by dental insurance?

Since teeth whitening is rarely considered “medically necessary,” it is unlikely to qualify for dental insurance coverage. That said, every plan is different, and there’s no harm in double-checking the specifics of your plan to see if you’re eligible for coverage. Our team has years of experience helping patients with this process, so we’d be more than happy to look over the details of your policy.

Even if you don’t qualify for insurance coverage, we have other ways of making teeth whitening affordable. For instance, we can help you split up your treatment costs with CareCredit. If you qualify for one of their payment plans, you can look forward to low or even no interest rates!

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